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The Different Light Collective

Engaging local communities through arts, technology & light

The Different Light Collective is a team of producers, technicians and artists working in and around Lincolnshire, staging events and activities that engage local communities and the wider public. Their work encourages people to see the place where they live in a 'different light', often through the use of digital technology.

The collective is based at Spilsby's Sessions House and our partnership work has enabled many successful projects including 'Spilsby Light Night' 2019 & 2020, funded by Arts Council England.


Grubby Knees

Inclusive community arts

Grubby Knees is a not for profit organisation and a key partner delivering exciting and engaging performing arts orientated opportunities. The company is all-inclusive and provides tailored art engagement for everyone - all needs, age and ability.

We have worked with Grubby Knees to develop an ongoing kids and youth programme in the the Sessions House venue. We are also playing a small role in assisting Grubby Knees with a mental health programme for adults, taking place across the region throughout 2022.